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St Mark James, over the past century, has become the world leader in international first aid and relief. In Canada, the St Mark James is the leader in first aid, CPR and water safety instruction. Through St Mark James, candidates can learn the most up-to-date first aid skills and knowledge. St Mark James is a Canadian leader in CPR standards and is partnered with the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation to provide the latest in CPR techniques. Without much competition, the St Mark James has also grown in becoming the leader in swimming and water safety programs. This page is designed to give Canadians a understanding of the programs and courses offered through St Mark James.

First Aid Program:

St Mark James is the world leader in first aid programs. In Canada St Mark James offers three major first aid classes. Each class includes CPR training and training in the use of automated external defibrillators. For more information about CPR and AED’s select the topic from the main menu. The three major first aid courses offered through St Mark James Training are as follows:

  • Child Care First Aid – This program was developed to teach child care workers and parents to handle likely first aid and CPR emergencies when taking care of children, toddlers and youth.
  • Emergency First Aid – This basic first aid program was developed to teach people to handle the most likely first aid and CPR emergencies that can happen to adults.
  • Standard First Aid – This first aid course was designed as the most comprehensive basic first aid course that many people are now required to be certified with to be employed in the service industry.
  • Wilderness First Aid – This first aid course is designed for people wanting to be prepared to handle almost any emergency in the wild.
  • Basic Marine First Aid – This program was developed to prepare people for emergency that occur in the marine environment.

Compared to any other provider, St Mark James is the leader in quantity, quality and price when taking a first aid course.

CPR Program:

St Mark James has a innovative instructor network to keep all of its first aid and CPR instructors updated on all the new standards and techniques. St Mark James only offers the latest CPR standards and techniques when offering its CPR programs. All first aid classes include certification in CPR, however, Canadians have the option of selecting to take a stand-alone CPR course. Whether combined with a first aid course or in a stand-alone program candidates have the option of selecting from the following CPR “levels”:

  • CPR level “A” – This level comes standard with the emergency first aid program. This basic CPR level teaches candidates rescues and skills for adult and child victims.
  • CPR level “B” – This course is only included in exclusive St Mark James child care first aid courses. It teaches the same aspects as CPR level “A”.
  • CPR level “C” – This popular level comes standard with most standard first aid courses. It teaches people rescues for adult, child and infant victims.
  • CPR level “C” for health care providers (CPR “HCP”) – This is the most comprehensive course that is designed for people that work or want to work in the health care industry. It includes all of the material taught in CPR level “C” but with more information on two person rescues and how to use advanced equipment.

Regardless of what level you choose, people enrolled in St Mark James CPR courses will learn the most advanced CPR techniques with teachers that have more resources than any other provider.

Re-Certification Program:

St Mark James includes re-certification courses into its program. Many people are required to be certified in a basic first aid and CPR course or a stand-alone CPR course. To make it easier to maintain certification the St Mark James provides re-certification courses. Theses courses are designed for people that need to renew awards. The following awards can be renewed through the St Mark James:

  • Standard First Aid and CPR
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR
  • CPR level “C”
  • CPR level “C” for health care providers (CPR “HCP”)

Prior to enrolling into a renewal course participants must make sure they meet the re-certification requirements. View our re-certification course pages to see if you meet the necessary prerequisites.

Babysitting Program:

Babysitting courses are offered exclusively through the St Mark James. St Mark James developed a babysitting program to help build confidence and teach babysitters to be prepared for emergency situations while babysitting. This course focuses on basic first aid scenarios and simple CPR techniques. Many parents ask for certification from their regular babysitter.

St Mark James First Aid Instructor Program:

To become a St Mark James first aid and CPR instructor candidates must undergo a first aid instructor program in which candidates are required to co-teach a course and possibly attend and watch a course prior to receive a first aid instructor certificate.

Water Safety Program:

In order to be qualified to teach the St Mark James water safety program and stroke development programs. St Mark James is the leading provider of swimming lessons and programs for participants wanting to learn to swim in Canada. It also has a detailed program for its instructors. Future instructors are required to complete two major extensive courses in the St Mark James water safety program. These two courses are as follows:

  • Assistant Water Safety Instructor – This is the prerequisite to the water safety course. In this course participants will spend 25 hours learning proper stroke techniques and other skills in becoming a successful water safety instructor.
  • Water Safety Instructor – This program is the final program for participants who want to meet successful St Mark James requirements prior to teach the St Mark James water safety program.

The courses mentioned above are the majority of first aid, CPR and water safety programs offered. More programs can be found at the St Mark James website.

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